Chatzibalassis Nikos

Chatzibalassis Nikos

BioPhotonic Instructor and Holistic Practitioner

Nikos is a Certified BioPhotonic Therapy instructor and Biophotonic Analysis specialist, researcher and holistic therapy practitioner.

Nikos brings a wealth of experience with specialisation garnered in advanced energetic therapeutics such as Bioresonance scanning and Bioresonance Treatment, Vegetative Resonance Treatment, and Non-Linear Scanning System.

In his 10 year plus career Nikos has scanned more than 3000 clients providing them with optimum therapeutic options tailored to individual conditions. He regularly holds seminars teaching medical doctors and professional holistic therapists bioresonance practice in his homeland, Greece.

Having trained in a multitude of modalities including homeopathy, herbal medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, reflexology, iridology, applied kinesiology, physioregulation and geopathology, Nikos is able to provide personalised treatments to his clients.

Nikos’ desire to find the interdependence between mental and emotional energy and the cellular energetic signatures that manifest at subconscious level has propelled his research.

With an inherent admiration and reverence of Divine creation, Nikos explores esoteric ethics in the context of a human being’s readiness to heal and the limitations of therapeutics, and provides guidance accordingly.

Nikos graduated from Aristotle University, Thessaloniki in 1991.