Deta Ritm – 20

Deta Ritm - 20

The apparatus “DETA-RITM-20” (hereinafter referred to as the device) is designed for electromagnetic therapy.
The device is designed for individual use:
– In clinical practice, doctors of various specialties.
– In-patient treatment.


Medical Device “DETA-RITM-20” is designed for low-frequency electromagnetic therapy, a non-contact method. The instrument is used for prevention and therapeutic treatment of various diseases.
Treatment is carried out by exposure to low-frequency electromagnetic radiation of the body in a physiological range for the body and allows the treatment of various diseases by specifically designed for this program. Each program is designed to restore the operation of certain human organs and systems.
This development is based on Dr. Klaus materials (Hanau); Dr. NESCO (Frankfurt); Dr. Voll (Plochingen); Paul Schmidt and the method of exposure to weak electromagnetic fields developed by the company NPP “ALICE”.
Portable device “DETA-RITM-20″ is programmed with a computer and allows the therapy for any of the 20 programs, each of which is intended for the treatment of a specific disease or group of diseases.
Product designation when ordering: Medical Device «”DETA-RITM-20”