NLS system

Dr. Hammer says​ “Diseases are the result of a traumatic event or a psychological conflict generated by different causes emerging from our direct environment (electro-smog, chemicals, weather changes), from food and drugs, from stress, overloads with toxins, accumulation of acidic substances, infections with bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungus; all these factors are triggering anaerobe processes causing regulative disturbances in our bodies up to a collapse of ATP metabolism often followed by cancer or death.”
NLS systems are Bio-resonance devices used to measure the photonic energy emitted by the body based on electromagnetic waves. It is also used for therapeutic conditions associated with “abnormal” electromagnetic waves. It is a holistic integrative, non-invasive, painless and bio-active modality which can be applied for:
Energy Mapping and Frequency Measurement
Predictive and Advanced Analysis of energy spectrums
Frequency inversion and harmonization using ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillations.

Quantum scalar wave card

Elismed introduces Quantum Technology with a programmable scalar wave Card. This technology uses the principles of energy balancing to reinforce the weakness in different parts of the human or animal energy field and is beneficial in supporting the treatment of certain health conditions.

Rife portable devices

Elismed represents portable devices that transmit Rife radio frequencies. This technology can resonate with the human body with regulating frequencies creating a harmonising effect on the tissues and organs. The use of frequencies that resonate with microbes and parasites can reduce the pathogen load and reverse disease

Tesla technology for telemedicine remedies broadcasting

In Elismed we have created technology that can bring new possibilities and offer access to treatment even to the most underserved from medical care areas of the planet.

The remedy generator can create therapeutic remedies with frequency protocols send with an email

Dr Nikos Chatzibalassis Rebalancing Indicative Therapeutic Protocol (RiTP)

Our leading naturopathic Doctor Nikos Chatzibalassis, has created a protocol combining consultation to reveal the emotional root cause, awareness development and bespoke treatments using different therapeutic modalities and energetic innovative technologies.

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