Morphogenetic Field

What is a Morphogenetic field

“Natural systems, or morphic units, at all levels of complexity — atoms, molecules, crystals, cells, tissues, organs, organisms, and societies of organisms — are animated, organized, and coordinated by morphic fields, which contain an inherent memory. Natural systems inherit this collective memory from all previous things of their kind by a process called morphic resonance, with the result that patterns of development and behavior become increasingly habitual through repetition. There is a continuous spectrum of morphic fields, including morphogenetic fields, behavioral fields, mental fields, and social and cultural fields.” ~ Rubert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake talks about morphogenetic fields (or M-fields) as invisible organizing patterns that act like energy templates to establish forms on various levels of life, eg: when Sir Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile, he created a new M-field.

The belief system prevailing in human consciousness had been that the 4-minute mile was a limit of human possibility. Once the new M-field was created, many runners suddenly began to run sub-4 minute miles. This occurs every time mankind breaks into a new paradigm, whether it’s the capacity to fly (an M-field created by the Wright Brothers), or the capacity to recover from alcoholism (an M-field created by Bill W., the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous). Once an M-field is created, everyone who repeats the accomplishment reinforces its power. Once it’s created, it exists as a universally available pattern throughout the invisible universe. (David Hawkins 1995 )

When we set up your Constellation, we are setting up the M-fields that you are entangled in and living in as your reality. What a Constellation does is reveal these old M-fields of limitation, the stuck energies and patterns, so that we are now conscious of these energies and dynamics in our field and their source. The source may be with your ancestor’s past lives, prenatal, early childhood, adulthood, the collective group or tribe, and your own personal emotional and physical traumas from any time-space. Once we are conscious, we can create new M-fields that no longer continue these old painful and limiting patterns. We begin to create M-fields in alignment with an even greater field that Hellinger calls Spirit-Mind. In a (family) system, we are always in touch with this Morphogenetic Field or Knowing field, and we feel the whole field. Usually, we are not aware of the fact that we are in touch with everything and that everything is in touch with us. The (family) system is bigger, greater, and older, and we are unconsciously subjected to it.

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